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Icon Legend What do all those little icons mean?
Game Info Guide to information displayed during a game.
Game Notation How the game history is recorded and what the game codes mean.
Move Controls Explanation of the various options available in the Move Box.
Move Highlights Information regarding the move highlighting feature.
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Site Requirements Recommendations for viewing rychess.com

Site Requirements

Because rychess.com relies heavily on web standards and basic web technologies there are some basic requirements your web browser must meet in order to play any games on the site.

Required Browser Settings

Please make sure you have the following enabled in your web browser:

  • JavaScript must be enabled
  • Cookies must be enabled

Without these options enabled you will not be able to log in to your account and many features of the site will not work for you.

* please note that even if you set the game-specific preference to turn off JavaScript move highlighting you still must have JavaScript enabled in your web browser.

Web Browsers

Because many web browsers have different implementations of what are supposed to be standardized technologies some of these browsers do not function properly when displying pages in this site.

I can only directly test Mac OS X browsers and indirectly test some Windows browsers (thanks to SaturatedX). If you find problems displaying this site or playing any games in a particular browser, please let me know.

Approved (tested) Browsers

Below is a list of the web browsers that have been tested and display all features of rychess.com correctly.

  • Safari (Macintosh OS X) - a great web browser
  • Firefox (Macintosh OS X, Windows) - another great web browser
  • Mozilla (Macintosh OS X, Windows)
  • Netscape (Macintosh OS X, Windows)
  • Shiira (Macintosh OS X) - a nice little browser with lots of potential
  • Camino (Macintosh OS X)
  • OmniWeb 5.1 (Macintosh OS X) - as of version 5.1 everything works in OmniWeb.
  • Opera 8.0 preview (Macintosh OS X) - as of the 8.0 preview everything works in Opera.
  • Internet Explorer v. 5.5, 6+ (Windows) - IE will work on the site, but the amount of "work-arounds" I've had to implement solely to make IE work correctly is astounding. All versions of IE are bad, bug ridden, and insecure but IE still remains the most abundant browser out there, which is a shame since there are many better browsers available.
  • Internet Explorer 5.2.3 (Macintosh OS X) - Believe it or not, this browser is even worse than it's Windows cousins. To make it work properly I had to add even more "fixes" than the Windows versions and write in some JavaScript patches to add some of the standard features it lacks (array push() and pop() in particular). It's also unable to properly recognize single-quotes in CSS background declarations (wha!!?) which took quite a while to figure out and correct. Ugh.

Most, but not all features work in these browsers

The following Browsers have a few bugs displaying the site, but game play, move highlights, and the History Viewer all work correctly. Someday, when I find the time I'll hopefully be able to get these working completely.

  • OmniWeb 4.5, 5.0 (Macintosh OS X) - the top and bottom menus don't work in OmniWeb.
  • Opera 7.54 (Macintosh OS X) - well Opera will work on the site, but has problems displaying the menus and some cosmetic items properly.

Untested Browsers

I currently have no way to test any browser running on Mac OS 9 or below or Linux. This includes Netscape 4 and IE 4. If you have access to any browser not listed above I'd be grateful if you let me know if it displays the site correctly or not.

Web Browsers that will not work with this site

I don't currently know of any browser that will not work in any fashion with this site. Let me know if you find one.