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The Move Controls

The following describes the funtions of the Move Control box:


The From and To fields show the cell name you are moving a piece from and to.

You can type the cell name into these fields or you can click on the piece you want to move and then click on the cell you want to move it to and these fields will be filled in for you.


Once you've entered the move you want to make, click the Move Button and the move will be submitted. If the move is not a legal move an error will be displayed and you may then make a different move.

I've tried to only allow legal moves to be input using the mouse click method of selecting From and To cells, but there may still be a few problems with this and an illegal move may be entered using the mouse.


You may use this field to attach a note to your move. This note will be displayed above the game board and will also be sent to your opponent in their email move notification. This is a good way to communicate with your opponent.

Preview This Move

The Preview This Move link will allow you to see what the board will look like after your move is made. Clicking this link will not actually make the move.

After you click the Preview This Move link the link itself will change to read 'Undo Preview - reset pieces'. If you click this link it will undo the move preview and reset the board to it's actual current state.


This option is disabled unless you move a pawn all the way across the board. When this occurs a receive a pop-up message letting you know you can promote the pawn and the Promote field will allow you to choose which piece type you would like to promote your pawn to.

Castle King's Side/Castle Queen's Side

These options are disabled unless your King can castle with a Rook. If your King can perform a castle these buttons will become enabled when you click on your King allowing you to enter the "to" field correctly if you have move highlighting turned off.

Offer Draw

You may click this link to ask your opponent to call the game a Draw - which ends the game as a tie game.

If you Offer a Draw the game will go into a hold phase in which your opponent is notified in the standard manner that you are offering to call the game a draw and they are presented with the option to accept the draw and end the game or deny the offer and continue the game. If they decline the offer it will be your turn to move again.

Concede Game

Click this link to immediately end the game ranking your opponent as the winner. If you are in checkmate the game will not be marked as completed until you click the Concede Game link.

Reload This Game

You may click the Reload This Game link to reload the game page and display the current state of the game.

Personal Note

You may leave yourself a Personal Note on each game whenever you want. This note is not visible to anyone but yourself, and you may edit or remove this note at any time - it doesn't have to be your turn. This should be useful for keeping track of your game-plan during a long game.


Opponent's Turn

If it is not your turn the Move Control Box will display the message that it is your Opponent's Turn.

The page will reload automatically every 5 minutes until it is your turn to move. If you want to reload the page sooner than that you may click the Reload Game link.

Some game otions are hidden when not normally needed - to access these hidden options click the arrows in the table header of their section

From: To:
» Preview Move      » Reload Game
Game Options
 » Offer Draw  » Concede Game
Personal Notes

(leave yourself a note about this game)
» delete note      » save note
(opponent's turn)
» Reload This Game
Personal Notes