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General Help
Icon Legend What do all those little icons mean?
Game Info Guide to information displayed during a game.
Game Notation How the game history is recorded and what the game codes mean.
Move Controls Explanation of the various options available in the Move Box.
Move Highlights Information regarding the move highlighting feature.
Access Keys Keyboard shortcuts available throughout the site.
Contact Info Contact Ry with a suggesstion, comment, etc.
Site Requirements Recommendations for viewing rychess.com

Icon Legend

Below is a list of the icons used throughout rychess.com and their meaning.

Icon Name Description
C Ry::Chess indicates a Ry::Chess game or Ry::Chess specific item
F Ry::FischerRandom indicates a Ry::FischerRandom game or Ry::FischerRandom specific item
G Ry::GrandChess indicates a Ry::GrandChess game or Ry::GrandChess specific item
History Viewer go to the interactive History Viewer page for a game
PGN Download view/download the PGN (Portable Game Notation) file for a game
Toggle the visibility of some game options in the Move Box, some options may be normally hidden. Click this image and they'll appear...
Dismiss, Decline / Withdraw Invitation delete a game or dismiss a message.