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Game Display Information

The following describes some of the information displayed while playing Ry::Chess.


Each piece is assigned a value based on it's type (except the King):

  •   pawn » 1 point
  •   Knight » 3 points
  •   Bishop » 3 points
  •   Rook » 5 points
  •   Cardinal » 6 points *G piece only in Ry::GrandChess
  •   Marshall » 8 points *G piece only in Ry::GrandChess
  •   Queen » 9 points
  •   King » invaluable

Normally the point values of the pieces are only used to denote their strength: a Rook is more valuable than a Knight. Chess usually pays no attention to the piece values since the game is really only about capturing the King (which has no value).

However, I believe that if we have the values anyway, why not keep track of them... So, I listed the accumulated score here - you can use it as a superficial way of telling how good you're doing in this game.

All Stars

Since Ry::Chess keeps track of the score accumulated through the course of the game, I decided to list the pieces that have amassed the most points as "All Stars".

The All Stars are weighted by each piece's individual value, meaning if two pieces have the same score the piece with the lowest individual value will be ranked higher: a Pawn with 3 points is ranked higher than a Queen with 3 points because it's value is less than the Queen's value - it's harder for the Pawn to acquire as many points as a Queen.

The All Stars box lists the 3 highest scoring pieces of the game along with their score and their current location. If they've been captured (denoted by 'cap.' in the box) their fame will live on as long as their score stays in the top 3...


The Captured box lists all the pieces captured during the game in the order they were captured. The first piece captured is listed at the top.

* G : Because the nature of Pawn Promotion in Ry::GrandChess is basically that of a "prisoner exchange" any piece that is exchanged with a pawn is removed from the Captured List and the pawn is placed in "captivity".

If a piece that has been "freed" is captured again the amount of times it has been captured is listed next to the piece.

Last Move

The Last Move box displays the last move made in algebraic notation and English terms, and the time at which the last move was made.


The History box lists all the moves of the game from the beginning to the last move made.

An explanation of the notation used in the History can be found in the Game Notation section of these Help Documents.

If you hold your mouse over an individual move in the History box, a full description of the move will be displayed as well as any player comments.

White 23
Black 5
All Stars
  Pts Loc
19 a8
3 f3
3 cap.
White Black
3 7
Last Move
Game Over - White wins
Sat Jun 12, 2004
6:42 pm
# W B
1. d4 d5
2. Nf3 Bg4
3. e4 Bxf3
4. gxf3 e6
5. Bb5+ Nc6
6. Nc3 dxe4
7. 0-0 Qxd4
8. Qxd4 Bd6
9. Qxg7 0-0-0
10. Qxh8 Nd4
11. Qxd4 Bf4
12. Qxa7 e5
13. Nxe4 Rd5
14. Qa8+ 1-0