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Icon Legend What do all those little icons mean?
Game Info Guide to information displayed during a game.
Game Notation How the game history is recorded and what the game codes mean.
Move Controls Explanation of the various options available in the Move Box.
Move Highlights Information regarding the move highlighting feature.
Access Keys Keyboard shortcuts available throughout the site.
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Access Keys

Access keys are keyboard shortcuts allowing you to jump to form fields or follow links by pressing a combination of keys instead of using a mouse.

Access Keys are activated by pressing a key in combination with a modifier key. The modifier key is usually denoted using the term "Alt" but the actual key used varries between Macintosh and Windows platforms. On Mac OS X the modifier key is "Ctrl" (the control key). On Windows the modifier key is "Alt".

Throughout rychess.com I've tried to highlight which items have an access key associated with it by marking the key as both underlined and bold in the item's label as in: "Start Page". In this example you would press the "S" key with the modifier to jump to your Start Page. So, on Mac OS X you'd hold the Ctrl key down and press "S". On Windows you'd hold "Alt" and press "S".

If a particular key combination conflicts with another combination on your system you can usually still use the access key by pressing another modifier key at the same time. On Mac OS X adding the "Option" key to the combo (ex: pressing Ctrl+Opt+S) will allow you to use the shortcut normally.

Below is a list of site-wide Access Keys used at rychess.com:

  • "Alt-S" - go to the "Start Page / Home" page
  • "Alt-W" - go to the "Watch All Your Games" page
  • "Alt-H" - go to the "Help" pages
  • "Alt-U" - go to the "User Game Profile" page
  • "Alt-D" - go to the "Discussion Forums"
  • "Alt-C" - go to the "All Current Games" page

Below is a list of Access Keys available during game play :

  • "Alt-F" - go to the "From" field
  • "Alt-T" - go to the "To" field
  • "Alt-N" - go to the "Note" field
  • "Alt-P" - toggle the "Preview This Move" function
  • "Alt-R" - "Reload" the current game
  • "Alt-V" - go to the "History Viewer"