Ry::Chess - Portable Game Notation
Rook to g7
saturatedx: Well that would be a long story.
saturatedx (black)
7 wR bR bK
6 wR bp
5 bp
4 wB
3 wp bQ
2 wp wp wK wp
a b c d e f g h
homer (white)
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[Site "www.rychess.com"]
[Date "2013.05.31"]
[Round "1"]
[White "homer"]
[Black "saturatedx"]
[Result "*"]
[Mode "ICS"]

1. e4 e5 2. d3 d6 3. Nf3 h6 4. h3 c6 5. c3 Be6 6. d4 Nd7 7. Be3 Ngf6 8. Nbd2 d5
9. dxe5 Nxe4 10. Nxe4 dxe4 11. Nd4 Nxe5 12. Qh5 {where you been? how are you?}
g6 {Middle of the term insanity! Are you snowed in?} 13. Qxe5 {nah, we in
philly. heading home tonight} Rh7 {Things all good there?} 14. Nxe6 {yup.pretty
chill.} fxe6 {That's good to hear--found any good bars?} 15. Qxe6+ {eh, only a
few and we don't go out much right now} Qe7 {Welcome to the club!} 16. Qxg6+
Rf7 17. 0-0-0 Bg7 18. Bc4 Rc8 19. Rhe1 {School over?} Rc7 {Absolutely. Do you
have Garageband?} 20. Bd4 {Awesome! yes, we have GB 2008} Kf8 21. Bxf7 Qxf7
{Forgot to type: you got a microphone?} 22. Qd6+ {i have one. what do i need to
record?} Kg8 {Maybe Xmas song vocals if I get my ass in gear} 23. Rxe4 {ok.
sweet. how's everything else going?} Rd7 {Pretty good! Kicking back, wishing it
would snow} 24. Qg3 {Cool. Goin anywhere for the holiday?} Qf5 {No, staying in
Portland} 25. Re8+ Kh7 26. Qxg7+ Rxg7 27. g4 {Yeah, that was your Xmas Present
:P} Qg5+ {Ha! I feel bad, not getting you anything...} 28. Rd2 {haha. pls email
about the song-u only emailed sio} Rg8 {Doh! Must've sent it to the wrong
address...} 29. Re5 Qf4 30. Re7+ Kg6 31. Be3 Qf6 32. Rxb7 a5 33. Bd4 Qf3 34.
Re7 Qh1+ 35. Kc2 Qxh3 36. Re6+ {nice job on snowflake. we likes!} Kg5 {Yeah, it
turned out to be pretty amusing!} 37. Bf6+ Kxg4 38. Rxc6 {playin games w/ u is
now like playin w/ ryan :)} Qf3 {I know! Dammit. For some reason I'm hella
busy} 39. Rc4+ {yeah, geez, it's been weeks! everything good?} Kf5 {Yeah, just
waves of swamped with moments o respite} 40. Bh4 Kg6 41. Rd6+ Kh7 {My god, I've
been busy} 42. Rc7+ {yeah you have. how you been, besides busy?} Rg7 {Well that
would be a long story.}