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CVIP Meltdown
Cardinal to d6
bubbalumpkis: hey - Happy New Year!
anteup (black)
10 bR bR
9 bK bM bN
8 bp bp bp bQ bp bp bC bp bp
7 bN bp bp
6 wC wp bp
5 wp wp
4 wp wM wp
3 wp wp wp wp
2 wN wQ wK wB
1 wR wR
a b c d e f g h i j
bubbalumpkis (white)
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[Event "CVIP Meltdown"]
[Site "www.rychess.com"]
[Date "2008.01.12"]
[Round "1"]
[White "bubbalumpkis"]
[Black "anteup"]
[Result "*"]
[Variant "Grandchess"]
[Mode "ICS"]

1. h5 {wow. where you at now?} g7 {back on campus. i got out just in time.} 2.
Nh4 {that bad hunh?} Be6 {not bad for me. you were smart and moved north} 3. g4
{heh} Cf7 4. Cf4 Bxb3 5. c4 Bxc2 6. Qxc2 Nc7 7. d5 h7 8. Me4 d7 9. Rad1 {hey
hey!} Bxh4 {howdy ... looking forward to a long weekend.} 10. ixh4 {gonna be
down there in a few weeks} Qd8 {happy turkey day! } 11. g5 {hey! Happy
Thanksgiving!} h6 12. g6 Cg8 13. Cd6 {hey - Happy New Year!}