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Welcome to Ry::Chess

Welcome to Ry::Chess

I'm Ry (bubbalumpkis on the site) and I welcome you to rychess.com.

Rychess.com is a small but growing community composed of fun and challenging players of all skills. There have been many exciting games played on the site and I've seen many players improve and hone their skills over time. This is a great venue for playing chess at your own pace.

Registering for a rychess.com account is free and easy - just fill out the form to the right and after you have registered you may immediately start playing by challenging someone to a game using the "Create New Game" link available to you after logging in.

Please make sure to enter your account information correctly. I'm not going to lecture you about why you should enter the correct info, but please know you will receive information and game challenges using the email address you enter. Your name and email address aren't displayed to other users, I won't spam your email address, and I won't ever sell or give away your account information so entering fake info is pretty useless and may prevent you from receiving important information.

If you have any spam email protection methods in place you may want to specifically allow email from rychess.com to make sure your email client or server doesn't block rychess.com from contacting you.

Also, be aware that this is a community based site with the ability to communicate to other users using the notes and challenge message features. I have no control over what other users may say.

I really hope you enjoy Ry::Chess.
Thank You.
- Ry

About rychess.com

Ry::Chess, Ry::GrandChess, and Ry::FischerRandom are all stable but may have some aspects which may be rough around the edges. If you find anything that isn't working as it should or if you have any comments or suggestions please use the feedback form linked throughout the Ry::Chess pages.

All of these games were created completely from scratch - everything from the implementation of the game rules to the game interface. I've put a lot of effort into getting the game logic and game play correct, but there may be things I've missed and if so I'd really like to know about it.

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