Ry::Chess Features
what does rychess.com have to offer?

rychess.com features

Site Features

  • 3 chess variants to play:
    • Ry::Chess - Chess using the FIDE standard rules
    • Ry::FischerRandom - Fischer Random Chess
    • Ry::GrandChess - Grand Chess
  • Free account registration
    • Registration is free and easy
    • Your account info is kept private
  • Easy game creation
    • Just select your opponent and the game type.
    • Challenge messages - you may add a message to your opponent when creating a game.
    • You may even invite someone who isn't a rychess.com user to join when you challenge them to a game.
  • Customize the look of the site
    • Several game piece styles to choose from
    • Board styles.
    • Many different site styles.
  • View any current or finished game
  • Ability to watch all your games on one page
  • User stats
  • User game profiles
  • History Viewer
    • Animate any game with VCR-like controls
    • Play, reverse, step forward and backward, jump to any move...
  • Global and Game-specific Preferences
  • Highlight available moves
  • In-game notes (trash talk, heh)
  • PGN download (Portable Game Notation)
    • View and download a PGN file for any game