About Ry::Chess
a little info on the creation of rychess.com

About rychess.com


Hi there! My name is Ryan (I'm bubbalumpkis on rychess.com) and I welcome you to rychess.com.

I created rychess.com as an exercise with myself to see how difficult it would be to make a community based site - a site whose character was based on the collective of users. Granted it's a pretty geeky exercise. Heh. The reason I chose to write a chess game server is a pretty long story - the short version is that I wasn't too impressed with existing chess servers on the web, so I made my own.

I wrote all of the Ry::Chess game files from scratch (the Ry::Chess, Ry::FischerRandom, and Ry::GrandChess programs and all their supporting files) including several interface modules to interact between the game processes and the templating mechanism.

I've worked very hard to get all of the gameplay logic working correctly and to add many features which, hopefully, would be interesting to the end-user while adding a bit more fun to the games.

I'm always looking for ways to improve Rychess.com and development is still very active on the site, which means that some features may change and there may be problems that haven't been found and fixed yet - but so far it's been very stable.


A brief list of the programs and technologies used in creating rychess.com:

  • Perl - all chess, interface, registration, and other back-end code is written in Perl.
  • Template::Toolkit - all pages are dynamically constructed using Template::Toolkit.
  • Apache.
  • MySQL.
  • BBEdit - all coding was done using BBEdit
  • Mac OS X - all code was written on a Macintosh Running Mac OS X

A brief list of reference web sites which helped in creating rychess.com and working around browser issues:

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A few badges for the tools used to create rychess.com:

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